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Tailored programmes to meet the precise needs of individual farmers

Individual farms differ wildly from each other and have to be approached in ways that take into account matters such as location, climate, soil type and cropping patterns. Our members recognise this and work alongside farmers to build up local knowledge and gain a thorough understanding of every factor that needs to be included in any programme of activity.

Crops covered by Crest members include spring and winter cereals, oil seed rape, potatoes, maize, grassland and vegetables

Details of all current recommended Cereal crops and OSR crops can be found by following this link to the HGCA site


Follow the link to utilize the service from Bayer to aid with the identification of weeds.

Potash Information

For information on the PDA, visit

Good Agricultural Practice

Please visit the Defra site to download the CoGAP Code

Winter cereal

Crest Group services include:

  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Field Trials and Development
  • PCN Analysis
  • Pesticide Disposal
  • Fertiliser Recommendations
  • Soil Sampling
  • Customer Training
  • Crop Establishment Advice
  • Field Recording and Traceability
  • Disease Prediction
  • Soil and Tissue Analysis
  • Protective Equipment
  • Crop Protection Advice
  • Crop Nutrition Products
  • Crop Packaging
  • Potato Gassing
  • Full range of agricultural and amenity grass seeds
  • Maize seed