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Getting more from each acre of land, each drop of water, each unit of energy

Meeting the needs of a growing world population and at the same time protecting the environment is a huge task.

On the one hand, land, water and energy resources are limited. On the other, the global population is expected to grow by 40% over the next few decades.

To meet the increasing demand for food, farmers will have to get more from each acre of land, each drop of water and each unit of energy.

Even without climate change this would be a tremendous challenge – and one that needs to be met through farming methods that are environmentally responsible.

With its Integrated Crop Management System, the Crest Group is providing some of the answers to these agricultural, economic and environmental issues.

By allowing farmers to produce safe, healthy food profitably through methods that follow environmental best practice, we think we can make a difference. Our belief is that conservation, crop profitability, improved yields and respect for bio-diversity have all got to be tackled simultaneously.