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Integrated crop management: a system that combines profitability with environmental responsibility

Modern farming has to strike a difficult balance between running a successful, profitable business and taking into account environmental issues.

The Integrated Crop Management System adopted by Crest members has been developed to meet the twin goals of profitability and environmental responsibility. It combines use of the latest technology with best farming practice and focuses on providing long-term strategies for the whole farm rather than going for a quick one-crop, one-season fix.

Crest agronomists cover everything from the use of fertilisers and crop protection products to the maintenance and enhancement of landscape features and wildlife habitats.

The benefits of integrated crop management

The daunting task facing farmers today is that of meeting the increasing demands of a rising world population whilst preserving the environment for future generations.

Crest’s Integrated Crop Management System seeks to address these issues by focusing on improving yields and ensuring profitability and at the same time safeguarding the environment. It puts the emphasis on healthy, high-quality produce and promotes the adoption of the latest technologies to deliver results.

Crest’s links with the UK universities and research establishments

These include a long-term investigation with Manchester Metropolitan University into the responsible use of pesticides. Many doctorates have been awarded as a result of this research. Over 400 undergraduates have benefited by taking part in real and relevant research projects.